Sonntag, 31. März 2013

"waves" Sister Mississippi Project

"waves" ist mein mit der Nadel gefilzter Beitrag zum
“Sister Mississippi”
Textile/Fiber Arts Project!/events/133824293460913/

"waves" is my needle felted piece for the
“Sister Mississippi”
Textile/Fiber Arts Project!/events/133824293460913/
On March 1, a group of Indigenous women began their walk from the headwaters of the Mississippi River all the way to the Gulf of Mexico as a healing prayer for the River, for Water. We are calling on all hands and hearts of the world – hands of artists, of young people, of women, of communities, of schools - to create fiber/textile pieces inspired in Water, in the Mississippi, as a healing prayer for the River and to accompany the w...omen and their supporters as they walk the talk. These pieces will be sewn together on April 27-28 with healing, mending stitches to form the Sister Mississippi... 

Montag, 11. März 2013

kleine Pause - little break

... da ich momentan eingespannt bin und an einem Artikel nebst Filzobjekten für ein Projekt arbeite, ensteht hier eine kleine sogenannte Blog-Pause, da alle meine Energie in dieses Projekt fliessen und ich die neuen Werke noch unter Verschluss halten muss.
Ich werde sobald wie möglich Neues veröffentlichen

... I'm currently work on  an article and feltobjects therefor.
For that reason I will have a little break of the blog. All my energy flow into this project and I need to keep the new works currently unpublished...
I will publish news as soon as possible.